Friday, October 2, 2009


Turned an old baggy Edwin jeans - the denim's really tough - my mum didnt let me use her cheese grater - i was reluctant to bleach it just in case i wrecked the colour - so i had to use a hammer (the other end where there's like sharp horn bits) to make it look more "worn"

Pencil Case

Pencil case made when i was young -the quality's not as good - i made another one in blue (rectangular pencil case) and gave it to a friend as a prez so i no longer own it or have a pic of it... (she knitted me a scarf!!)

Card Holder

This is a lil' something I made when I was still in primary - back in Malaysia - i made quite a few things when I was a youngan - flowers out of coloured straws etc etc - no longer have any of my crafts - esp those fragile/ tangible items ]=