Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Accessories + Badges

Brooches/ Badges - Blue (b01) Green (b02) Orange (b03)

This is what the back looks like
5 available for each colour

Heart Silver Phone Acc (a01) Splatter Phone Acc (a02)

Pram Silver Phone Acc (a03) Green Splatter Phone Acc (a04)

Butterfly Phone Acc (a05)

Button Earrings

Please forgive me for the lame names - i thought of them off the top of my head - guess im not that creative after all =P

Most earrings as seen here are priced $4.99 (not including postage)
Special prices may apply if one or more items are purchased

Enquiries are welcomed - you can contact me at trowabubbles@gmail.com

Black & White (e01) Brown (e02)

White Swirls (e03) Peach (e04)

Grey Ring (e05) Vintage Blue Stripes (e06)

Metal flower (e07) Silver Clouds (e08)

Purple Sparkles (e09) Pink Sparkles (e10)
5 pairs of each available

Yellow (e11) Wood (e12)

Brown Metal (e13) Nickle Metal (e14)