Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Button Earrings

Please forgive me for the lame names - i thought of them off the top of my head - guess im not that creative after all =P

Most earrings as seen here are priced $4.99 (not including postage)
Special prices may apply if one or more items are purchased

Enquiries are welcomed - you can contact me at trowabubbles@gmail.com

Black & White (e01) Brown (e02)

White Swirls (e03) Peach (e04)

Grey Ring (e05) Vintage Blue Stripes (e06)

Metal flower (e07) Silver Clouds (e08)

Purple Sparkles (e09) Pink Sparkles (e10)
5 pairs of each available

Yellow (e11) Wood (e12)

Brown Metal (e13) Nickle Metal (e14)

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