Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rings & Cupcakes by I'm a mean street kid

Sample of the type of felt rings I will be making

Please ignore the loose thread @ the button.
This is just a prototype
but I will be making more felt brooches.
Stay tuned for more!
I will start to make more and better quality rings and brooches of different designs.
All of them will be made for order, so if you want one, please
comment under the posts or contact us.


  1. SUSAN I LOVE IT!!!!
    (and u'll just have to guess hu i am hahaha cept we're goin on a dinner date 2moro :D yes that's a major clue!)
    r u guys gonna get on etsy? :O (dunno if i spelt it right sorry!) u'll get really big if u publicise there!

    ...opps i wasn't able to comment as anonymous so u def. noe hu i am :(